released: 1992 developed by: Bob Mandel genre: action categories: air hockey multiplayer: yes (2) size: 38kB addictiveness level: 3/5 DOWNLOAD added: 01.07. 2016 This exciting game of air hockey has you try to score against a tough computer… Read More

Achtung die Kurve!

released: 1995 genre: action categories: snake, arcade multiplayer: yes size: 43,2KB 100KB rating: 4/5 DOWNLOAD Like in Snake, you control a “snake” that continuously grows, the object being to stay alive for as long as possible.

A Game of Strategy

released: 1990 developed by: Henrik Hoexbroe genre: strategy categories: board game multiplayer: yes (2) size: 122kB addictiveness level: 4/5 DOWNLOAD added: 25.01. 2016 A Game of Strategy is a strategic wargame for two players. The computer will take… Read More

Super Turnament Pong

released: – developed by: Michael Duhm genre: action categories: pong clone multiplayer: yes size: 77kB addictiveness level: 4/5 DOWNLOAD added: 20.11. 2013 The pong concept is not a new one… yet people are still play it hours on… Read More


released: 1995 developed by: Kevin Peck genre: action categories: arkanoid clone multiplayer: yes (4) size: 78kB addictiveness level: 5/5 DOWNLOAD added: 23.12. 2015 Oh no you shudder… Another break out game. YES!!! But now with addicting playability and… Read More

Superstar Ice Hockey

released: 1987 developed by: DesignStar Consultants genre: sports categories: arcade, hockey multiplayer: yes (2 players) size: 78kB 100KB rating: 5/5 DOWNLOAD added: 21.10. 2013 The game has no license so you can’t play with the stars. There are… Read More