Solar Hockey League

released: 1992 developed by: Harm Hanemaayer and John Remyn genre: action categories: hockey multiplayer: yes (2) size: 26kB addictiveness level: 5/5 DOWNLOAD added: 19.02. 2016 A challenging future hockey game, with fast and smooth action, and crisp graphics…. Read More

Hat Trick

released: 1987 developed by: Bally Sente genre: sports categories: hockey multiplayer: yes size: 20KB 100KB rating: 2/5 DOWNLOAD Hat Trick is a two-on-two hockey game based on the 1984 coin-op of the same name. Each player controls a goalie… Read More

Blades of Steel

released: 1987 developed by: Konami genre: sport categories: hockey multiplayer: yes (2) size: 142kB addictiveness level: 4/5 DOWNLOAD added: 02.03. 2016 Based on the arcade game, Blades Of Steel is a hockey arcade action game.   Two players… Read More

Superstar Ice Hockey

released: 1987 developed by: DesignStar Consultants genre: sports categories: arcade, hockey multiplayer: yes (2 players) size: 78kB 100KB rating: 5/5 DOWNLOAD added: 21.10. 2013 The game has no license so you can’t play with the stars. There are… Read More