Vampyr: The Talisman of Invocation

released: 1989 developed by: Victor H. Shao genre: action categories: roguelike multiplayer: no size: 127kB addictiveness level: 2/5 DOWNLOAD added: 22.5. 2015 Welcome to Vampyr: The Talisman of Invocation, an adventure game set in the world of Quilinor…. Read More

Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness

released: 1987 developed by: Origin Systems genre: fantasy categories: roly-playing multiplayer: no size: 142kB addictiveness level: 4/5 DOWNLOAD added: 05.05 2016 Ultima I is a remake of the classic RPG Ultima from 1981. You must travel to another… Read More

Quest: The Dungeon Escape

released: 1996 developed by: Michael Duhm genre: fantasy categories: role-playing multiplayer: no size: 42kB addictiveness level: 5/5 DOWNLOAD added: 29.10. 2013 An EVIL WIZARD has banished you to the depths of a dark dungeon and now you must… Read More

Morkin 2

released: 1992 developed by: Anthony Hamilton genre: strategy categories: board / party game multiplayer: yes (5 players) size: 43KB 100KB rating: 5/5 DOWNLOAD added: 18.10. 2013 The game is a simple strategy-RPG mix in which you take the… Read More

Dungeon Explorer

released: 1990 developed by: John Murphy genre: role-playing categories: fantasy, turn-based multiplayer: no size: 69kB addictiveness level: 4/5 DOWNLOAD added: 30.4. 2015 Dungeon Explorer is a graphical role playing game. You create a character, buy equipment and explore… Read More

Dark Woods

released: 2002 developed by: Jocke The Beast genre: action categories: roguelike multiplayer: no size: 49kB addictiveness level: 4/5 DOWNLOAD added: 02.02. 2016 Dark Woods is a ASCII-graphic-adventure-game. The product is developed unsing QB 4.5. I’ve used my Pentium… Read More