A Game of Strategy

  • released: 1990
  • developed by: Henrik Hoexbroe
  • genre: strategy
  • categories: board game
  • multiplayer: yes (2)
  • size: 122kB
  • addictiveness level: 4/5
  • added: 25.01. 2016

A Game of Strategy is a strategic wargame for two players. The computer will take one side, and you the other. It is based on the rather well-known STRATEGO boardgame.


Each player is given 40 pieces. The first step is to set up the pieces in a strategic order. Neither of the players (You and the computer) can see the opponents pieces, so you will have to make a really flexible setup, in order to respond to whatever the computer comes up with.


Note: At the “Beginner”-level, all pieces is seen by the player, thus making the setup easier.