• released: 1984
  • developed by: David Clark
  • genre: action
  • multiplayer: yes (2)
  • size: 30kB
  • addictiveness level: 4/5
  • added: 22.5. 2015

When the game starts you can choose between working game modes – Single Player and Single Player against Computer.


To learn how to get around, take the first option. When you manage to finish the game in this mode easily, then try the computer opponent option. While you fly around on your own just bombing and shooting at static targets in the single player mode, in the computer opponent mode there will be an enemy aircraft.


Beware! Your PC will shoot at you and try to kill you in kamikaze-style. So, while being chased by the enemy aircraft, you still need to destroy your normal targets to win the game – and that’s hard work.


To make it even harder, you do not have unlimited fuel, health, bombs or ammunition. So keep the bars next to the radar in mind and check from time to time.


When you see that you are running low in any of these, hit the “H” key to return to base.