Skate Boarding

  • released: –
  • developed by: Apoky! Software
  • genre: action, sport
  • categories: skateboarding, tricks
  • multiplayer: no
  • size: 95,1KB
  • 100KB rating: 4/5

To do the different tricks, press the left arrow, the down arrow, and the
right arrow in different combinations. (after you ollie)

Right Arrow – indy grab
Down Arrow – Kickflip
Left Arrow – Pop shove-it
Left Arrow + Down Arrow – 360
Right Arrow + Down Arrow – hard flip
Right Arrow + Down Arrow – Backflips (best trick)

To do an ollie, press the up arrow. (yes.. it is spelled wrong in the game)
The faster you are going.. The higher/farther you will go.

Big Ollies…
If you press down you will bend down. If you bend down and then ollie, you
get more height.