• released: 1983
  • developed by: Artificial Intelligence Design
  • genre: role-playing
  • categories: fantasy, text-based
  • multiplayer: no
  • size: 55kB
  • 100KB rating: 5/5
  • added: 19.10. 2013

This classic dungeon-crawl uses ASCII characters (letters and some symbols) and basic colors to depict a rogue’s epic adventure through the infamous Dungeon of Doom. Using a host of weapons and items, he explores the dark dungeons one step at a time in turn-based mode.


There are 25 different types of monsters, symbolized with their initial letter (L for Leprechaun for instance) and they have different abilities and modes of attack. The dungeons are different each time you play the game. In their deepest level the greatest prize awaits…