Psion Chess

  • released: 1985
  • developed by: Psion
  • genre: strategy
  • categories: chess
  • multiplayer: no
  • size: 96kB
  • addictiveness level: 4/5
  • added: 9.7. 2014

Psion Chess could be viewed in either 2D or 3D. Designed for high resolution monochrome Hercules Graphics Cards, the Hercules option sets the resolution to 720×384 and uses dithering to simulate shades of gray.


The “IBM color card” option reduces the resolution to 640×400 for color graphics cards, still in monochrome, but without dithering.


The playing strength doesn’t go quite as low as modern chess software, but the easiest level can be beaten by a novice player, and it makes a great opponent for even very skilled players.