Joust VGA

  • released: 1990
  • developed by: Dave and Ron Sharpless
  • genre: action
  • categories: arcade
  • multiplayer: yes (2)
  • size: 50kB
  • addictiveness level: 4/5
  • added: 03.02. 2016

Your mission is to stay alive and ‘joust’ as many gladiators as possible. This is done by ‘flapping’ to get your lance higher than theirs. The faster your press flap, the faster your ostrich with move up the screen.


After you joust a gladiator he will mutate into an egg, all you have to do now is finish the job by touching the egg, you get points by performing the joust itself and by picking up the egg.


Warning! if you let an egg sit too long it will hatch into another gladiator! (usually a meaner one).