Človeče, nehnevaj sa!

  • released: –
  • developed by: Ondro Vršanský
  • genre: board game
  • categories: party game
  • multiplayer: yes (1 – 6)
  • language: slovak
  • size: 50kB
  • addictiveness level: 4/5
  • added: 26.01. 2016

This game is basically a computer game version of the popular German board game Mensch ärgere Dich nicht!.


Four players trying to bring their four game pieces from there home into the finish row, by moving each piece one time around the complete board. On there way, they can kick out other pieces of other players which are in the way.


Those pieces have to restart from the home. The player, who first has all four pieces in the finish row wins the game. Slovak version.