Black Orb

  • developed by: Carl Erikson
  • genre: action
  • categories: roguelike
  • multiplayer: no
  • size: 50kB
  • addictiveness level: 4/5
  • added: 20.11. 2013

The Black Orb was inspired by Atari’s Gauntlet, which I was obssessed with as a kid. It is a PC game where you can be a wizard, barbarian, or archer and you descend into a multi-level dungeon to recover the Black Orb.


Most of the sprites for the game were created by Chris Daly. Shown above is the red wizard character walking through the first level. Slime, bats, and ghosts are advancing towards the player in order to attack.


The pile of bones is a ghost generator and there is a secret door to the bag, chest, and amulet.