Arkanoid (Eclipse Software)

  • released: 1993
  • developed by: Eclipse
  • genre: action
  • categories: arcade, arkanoid clone
  • multiplayer: no
  • size: 14kB
  • addictiveness level: 4/5
  • added: 28.04. 2021

This is a very Spartan, minimalist Arkanoid clone by the French demogroup Eclipse. You bounce the ball with the paddle at the bottom of the screen, trying to destroy all blocks on the playing field.


One hit from the ball will remove regular blocks, two hits are required for marked blocks. There are no falling bonuses and only three spare balls (lives).


The game’s high difficulty comes from the speed at which the ball moves. It may slow down depending on the angle at which it bounces from the paddle, but is generally very fast. (Description by MrFlibble)