Race the Nags

released: 1993 developed by: Dick Olsen genre: simulation/sport categories: horse racing multiplayer: yes (6) size: 89kB addictiveness level: 5/5 DOWNLOAD added: 23.12. 2015 RACE THE NAGS 1.2 is a HORSE RACING game in animated, full color EGA. Up to 6 players…. Read More


released: 1996 developed by: JJsoft genre: action categories: paddle / pong multiplayer: yes (4 players) size: 82kB 100KB rating: 5/5 DOWNLOAD added: 18.10. 2013 Paddlers is the ultimate multiplayer breakout game which up to 4 people can play at a… Read More

My Tennis

released: 1985 developed by: Dima Bashurov genre: sport categories: tennis multiplayer: yes (2 players) size: 18kB addictiveness level: 3/5 DOWNLOAD added: 01.02. 2016 A single player Tennis game with game play very similar to Pong.

Morkin 2

released: 1992 developed by: Anthony Hamilton genre: strategy categories: board / party game multiplayer: yes (5 players) size: 43KB 100KB rating: 5/5 DOWNLOAD added: 18.10. 2013 The game is a simple strategy-RPG mix in which you take the… Read More

Moraff’s Blast

released: 1991 developed by: Moraffware genre: action categories: arcade, paddle / pong multiplayer: yes (2 players) size: 80kB addictiveness level: 2/5 DOWNLOAD added: 3.11. 2013 At heart, this is a collection of three different Breakout variants (Brick Wall,… Read More

Microprose Pro Soccer

released: 1988 developed by: Sensible Software genre: sport categories: soccer multiplayer: yes size: 110kB addictiveness level: 4/5 DOWNLOAD added: 4.11. 2013 Arcade-style soccer game. It has two different parts: Indoor and Outdoor. The Outdoor game is the normal… Read More