• released: 1994
  • remake by: Mike Wiering
  • genre: action
  • categories: side-scrolling, platform
  • multiplayer: yes (2)
  • size: 55KB
  • 100KB rating: 5/5

Mario is an unofficial DOS remake of Super Mario Bros. Just like in the original game, it features Mario the plumber, jumping around, collecting pickups and defeating enemies across Mushroom Kingdom.

  • How do you get past level 4?
    If you can’t get past level 4, that’s because you’ve got the hacked beta version from 1994 in which the 4th level was not finished. That level (see image below) is now number 6. Get the newest version here.
  • How do you get past those two fish in level 1? I can’t jump far enough!
    Hold [Ctrl] down while you run and jump, then you can easily get over that gap.
  • Will you make a new / larger version of this game?
    Not of Mario, but Mike made some other platform games which you can find here.